449 - To be together

There are no words to describe such a fabulous feeling as I'm waking to your smile it seems I'm still breathing, the world is spinning through my mind, while these deep emotions slowly take me to the sky as I lose inhibition.

So close together in your arms, want to stay here forever. It's the drowning in your eyes that takes me to heaven and then your lips are touching mine with this deep attraction brightly altering my life into a new direction.

To be together, to be together.
You changed me, to be together.

You make me see who I am as you activate my senses to feel I must dance turning everything to real, so alive so aware. How I'm lucky that you're here that your there that you're everywhere!

You turn the dark into light tonight and I want you to stay at my side take the emptiness away, off the ground to the air, how I want to live my life with you forever.

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